I am a Nashville artist and arts educator with roots in Tennessee, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Kentucky. I make landscape inspired mixed-media paintings on paper, canvas, and wood. My work is a combination of acrylic, pastel, graphite, watercolor, and collage. At times I also take delight in applying bits of organic material onto the paintings, such as pressed flowers, leaves, and soil. I think of each painting as a garden, or an area of sky, filled with fragments of clouds and flowers, grasses and wood.


My art is communion with landscape. My imagery, which stems from observation and improvisation, is born from dreaming upon the horizon, drifting towards sky and descending into soil. It is a dialogue between abstraction and representation, cause and effect, growth and decay. More invocation than description my work is a contemplation of forces which shape, veil, reveal, and record natural form.


For greater insight into my work please take a moment to read this lovely article by Jane R. Snyder in the December 2015 issue of the Nashville Arts Magazine



My work is represented by the beautiful Ruth Baggett Gallery in Paducah Kentucky. 

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